About Us


Nadia Khan

I am a proud mother of 2 and a former successful Insurance Agent for over 10 years. I am a graduate from The Ontario Academy of Design for Fashion, Marketing and Advertising. I have always had an eye for detail and have been interested in the latest products on the market. During my 10 Years in a fast past, competitive Insurance Industry, I have never been one to slow down. My dedication to my career went beyond a typical 9-5. From consoling crisis-inflicted clients in the middle of the night to staying late to issue policies for a customers first car. My relationship with my clients was more than just an insurance agent. I have always taken the time to get to know them on a personal level and it was difficult to leave behind those relationships, however the decision to create an atmosphere that could change peoples lives was worth it. Throughout the years, I have seen the increasing trend in fitness and healthy living and I have also been a firsthand consumer of most of what the industry has to offer. From purchasing gym memberships, to personal training session and enrolling in boot camps, I have tried it all! With convenience at our finger tips and never ending advances in technology, it is my mission to ensure that the children of today learn to enjoy fitness so they might live a healthier tomorrow.  


Geoff Eisfeld

I am a dedicated father and husband who has a passion for healthy living. He believes that through physical expression, you can discover who you truly are. A Sales agent in the Toronto Event Industry for almost 20 years, he has practically seen it all. From a backyard tented BBQ party to celebrity galas or glass tents in a snowstorm to 250,000 square feet of tenting across 10 Acre farms. A once want to be Actor that never quite made it and for many years fell into the social loop of society that we call life. Work, pay bills, eat, sleep repeat. Upon his 30th birthday, he decided that he would begin working out and changed his life. The connection with music and working out started instantly and lights and expression came shortly thereafter. Years of working out and becoming more knowledgeable with how the body and mind work have made him somewhat of a Rhythmic Fitness expert. What started as a camera on the unfinished basement floor to a 12'x12' workout furnace room is now a 5000-square foot fitness entertainment center ready to open your mind and strengthen your body.  


Dynamic Duo

Together we make an unstoppable team that focuses on providng a fun, safe, creative experience for everyone. Our combined passion for a future without limits and fear of failure is why The Grid Entertainment Centre was created. We wanted to create a space where children could be free to explore and challenge themselves in unique ways. A place where parents could play or simply admire their children in their happiest form. Most importantly, we wantd to create a space where children learned to love active living and make positive healthy choices.