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What we offer


About The Grid

We are more than words can describe.  Our unique atmosphere makes it conducive to many different activities, especially fitness.  Sounds, Lights, and energy make the space come alive.  We offer a variety of fitness activities such as yoga, boxing, circuit training and Rhythm beat. We believe we can change the mind set of the next generation through advocating active living with a smile on your face and pep in your step.


What is EduFit

Edutfit is a revolutionary workout that incorporates music and physical literacy to promote an active lifestyle. It is a fusion of rhythmic movements with different muscle groups to create a dance like exercise dynamic. We encourage children to move freely and find their own interpretation of the song. When given an outlet for creative expression, children feel the most confident.


Are There Any Risks?

We would be lying if we said a child could never get hurt.  Children will run, jump, crawl, bounce and swing through obstacles and traning regiments. We do not assess physical ability prior to starting a class as we accommodate and are inclusive to all abilities. It is important to us that all children are given the opportunity to try. Grid supervisors will maintain healthy and safety guidelines while conducting these exercises.


What will my child learn?

The mind of a child we are told is like a sponge. At a yonge age, they are eager to learn when they are doing something they enjoy. Through our EduFit program, children will learn the benefits of living an active lifestyle. They will become more confident and devlope team building skills. Creativity and expression through movmenet and music will help open their eyes to a unique way of active living. By the end of the clases, children will be more agile, balanced and confident in their physical abilities.